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Two Front Package

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Many automotive manufacturers are now including tint within the construction of their rear automotive glass. And if they haven’t, most dealers will “pre-load” the window tint installation at the dealership for an added cost. Either scenario leaves the two front windows of your new car without tint, without heat protection, and with an unsightly appearance. Matching the preloaded tint with Ceramic Window Tint to the two front windows will solve the problem. You’ll get real heat and UV rejection where it matters most, in the driver and passenger seats. And it will add a uniform look to your new car.


Driver's Window / Passenger's Window

Sides and Rear package

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Our most popular tint package at PPF is the Sides and Rear in Ceramic Window Tint. Even if you have factory tint within the glass. By adding ceramic window tint to the sides and rear of your vehicle we can block harmful UV and high temps from the passengers while protecting the interior elements of the car. The Sides and Rear Package will also ensure that your cabin temperatures stay as cool as possible while driving. Pair this with the great looks and you have the perfect ceramic tint package. We can apply a dark shade of film to increase privacy and looks or a very light shade of film so that it is hardly noticeable. All with the same performance properties.


Driver's Window / Passenger's Window / Backseat Windows / Rear Windshield

Windshield Package

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The front windshield is the largest piece of glass on your vehicle. And it is also the largest single point of heat entry. We can apply a 70% VLT (Visible Light Transfer) Ceramic Window Tint that is nearly invisible but blocks 98% of the incoming UV rays. This coverage takes your window tint package to the next level and offers the most heat reduction and UV protection possible. Great looks and comfortable cabin temperatures while driving.


By reducing the amount of harmful UV rays that enter the vehicle's cabin through the windows, ceramic window tint is able to protect not only the damage to your leather interior but also from harmful UV damage to your skin and eyes.


Window tint helps to keep a vehicle's cabin cooler by reducing the amount of solar energy (heat) that enters through the windows. This is achieved by reflecting, absorbing, or scattering some of the sun's rays,


Window tint gives a sleek and modern look to a vehicle, making it appear more stylish and sophisticated. It also protects the vehicle's interior from fading and cracking due to exposure to the sun's damaging rays.


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    1What is ceramic tint?
    Ceramic Window Tint utilizes a nano-ceramic construction which is far superior in terms of heat rejection than traditional metalized or dyed films. The difference is clearly noticeable, and with the intensity of the sun in Virginia a Ceramic Window Tint is worth the investment.
    2How dark will my tint look?
    The “darkness” of your tint is measured in VLT (Visible Light Transmission) and is described using percentages (%). It is the amount of visible light (daylight) that the tint will transfer through the window and in to the car. A higher VLT percentage will result in a “lighter” tint. And a lower VLT percentage will result in a “darker” tint. So a 35% tint will look lighter and 20% tint will look darker.
    3Does the ceramic tint block UV rays?
    Yes. Quality CERAMIC TINT Tint blocks 99% of UV-A and UV-B rays. UV-A rays are responsible for skin aging, and UV-B rays are responsible for sunburn. While UV rays are harmful to human skin, they will also fade and damage your interior surfaces like the dash, seats, and trim.
    4Does the tint block heat?
    Yes. The prime reason to install window tint in Colorado is to keep the interior of your cars cabin cool, and the sun from beating down on your forehead or cheek when driving! Ceramic Tint leads the class in UV and IR ray blocking.
    5How dark can the tint be according to VA laws?
    According VA laws for Sedans the legal shade will be 50% VLT on the front side windows and 35% VLT on the rear sides and back window. For truck front sides 50% VLT and no limit on shade for the rear.